Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Angelic Experience

Mount Roraima unveils an environment that encompasses cryptic caves and a breathtaking waterfall. Weathering produced the breaking down of rock formations and as a result, created massive boulders. Weathering also caused the bathing pools to form in the breakdown of rocks. The caves of Mount Roraima are two billion years old. Due to weathering, elongated, carrot shaped formations evolved.

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Standing at 3,212 feet, Angel Falls takes the prize for the highest waterfall in the world. This waterfall is also properly named, as it exudes resplendence. The Caroni River in southeastern Venezuela actually starts its water flow from Roraima's slopes. An effluent stream leading to the waterfall carries the flow of water over the slope. This overland flow continues into another stream on the ground. Due to the high volume of sedimentary rocks, the groundwater is exceptionally porous. On Mount Roraima, the streams and Angel Falls work in perfect harmony to develop a hydrologic cycle. Explorers and scientists flock to view the incomparable grandeur of Angel Falls.  The Venezuelan park service strongly suggests hiring the indigenous Pemon Indians as guides, for this is their only source of income.

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Adventurous trekkers make their way through a stream with huge boulders.
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  1. Sloane-
    I especially like your description of how Roraima's hydrological elements contribute to te formation of Angel Falls. The explanation about how the local rock type, sedimentary, provides a porous source through which groundwater can run, drew well on previous lectures; incorporating multiple concepts to provide a complete picture. The media succeeds in supporting the topic, presenting images that complement the forms and processes discussed.

  2. I really like the way that you described how the rock formations were created. Also how you noted about the ground being very porous due to the sedimentary rock. The pictures were beautiful and the descriptions really helped me know what I was looking at and gain a better understanding of how this amazing site was created.