Monday, May 2, 2011

Up, Up, and Away!

Mount Roraima possesses a spectacular array of beautiful flora and unique fauna. Each level of Roraima contains a distinct vegetative zone with its own collection of flora that adapted to survive to the appropriate type of soil and climate. Mount Roraima's lush tropical rainforest causes light to be sporadic. Insectivorous plants have adjusted perfectly to life at the summit due to the poor, acidic soil located there. Likewise, the base of the mountain serves as a home to a plentiful amount of carnivorous plants. Hummingbirds as colorful as jewels and tiny, black frogs so unevolved that they neither swim or hop live peacefully on the tepuis. Incomparable and rich are the only ways to describe Roraima's biogeography.

This black frog may be small, but it is strong enough to survive on Mount Roraima. Photo from:

Insectivorous, but magnficent sundew plants are abundant on Roraima. Photo from:

Mount Roraima has a fluvial landscape. Streams are perennial due to the lack of a dry season. These meandering streams flow all year long. Streams on Mount Roraima may appear calm, but they do have a high velocity and wading through them can make for quite a challenge. Fluvial erosion on Roraima has led to uniquely shaped valleys. Mount Roraima's streams can easily reach equilibrium with the aid of Angel Falls. Since the waterfall is so tall, a large break in slope occurs and knickpoints are readily removed. The vast supply of flora and fauna found on Mount Roraima exists nowhere else in the entire world. Incredible scientific advancements have been made due to this fact. Botanists and biologists travel to the mountain to gain a better understanding of the evolution of these species. There are some plants on Roraima that are descendants of extinct breeds. This breathtaking mountain also made an impact in the entertainment world. Mount Roraima was the inspiration for Academy Award winning movie Up's Paradise Falls.

Looks are deceiving: One of Mount Roraima's streams only appears calm. Photo from:

Going Up... The main characters of Up stand proudly on the real Paradise Falls. Photo from: